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Covid Information

  • The health and safety of Pony Club Members, families and volunteers is the overriding priority for everyone to consider. (Pony Club Rule 1.11, 1.12) 

  • Anyone attending a Pony Club activity must comply with Government guidelines, including local variations where applicable. (Pony Club Rule 1.8) 

  • All training and competition organisers will have completed a COVID-19 Risk Assessment in advance to manage risks and provide a safe, controlled and regulated environment for all involved. In addition, the usual event-specific risk assessments must also be completed.

  • Regular handwashing, cleaning and hygiene procedures are essential for all activities. 

  • Social distancing of two metres should be maintained where possible; if this is not possible, individuals are advised to remain at least one metre apart, plus other mitigating measures, for example wearing facemasks for Showjumping course walks where you may pass other people closer than 2m. 

  • For activity to successfully resume, these principles must be complied with, in a spirit of understanding and support for the organisers and everyone involved. Where applicable, competitions should be run according to the National Governing Body organiser guidance, for example that used by British Dressage, British Eventing or British Showjumping

For Rallies;

  • We expect only one person from the same household to be transporting their child to training and help with unloading, tacking up etc.

  • Other siblings and family members that are not involved in the lesson should not attend if possible.

  • Allow time for groups to assemble and disperse. 

  • Parking: Parking should have 5-10m spaces. 

  • PPE: masks are not compulsory if social distancing is maintained but it is recommended that they are worn by unmounted riders and parents when walking show jumping courses.

  • It is not recommended that riders wear masks when mounted. 

  • Remember if a photo was taken at any time, would it be socially acceptable? (i.e. would you see people not socially distanced or a social gathering of more than 6 people?)

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