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Team Manager:

Anna Weston – 07800 971283

Tetrathlon (numerical prefix “tetra” - meaning four) is a team and individual competition organised by the Pony Club for its members. It comprises Shooting, Swimming, Running and Riding. It is a variant of, and major recruiting ground for the Olympic sport Modern Pentathlon.

Competition levels progress with age. The Shoot involves shooting with air pistols at targets between 7 and 10 metres, the Swim is the distance swum in 2 to 4 minutes, the Run is normally cross country over a distance of between 1000m and 3000m, and the Ride is over a cross country course, the most exhilarating phase for many.

Worcestershire Hunt arrange year round Tetrathlon training sessions in shooting, cross country riding and running.  It is open to anyone regardless of experience, age or ability.

The competition classes are arranged as follows should you enjoy it and wish to give it a go:

  • Open (25 and Under)

  • Intermediate (25 and Under)

  • Junior (14 and Under)

  • Minimus (11 and Under)

  • Tadpoles (9 and Under)

  • Beanies (7 and Under)

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